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Green tea is a gift from Mother Nature. It has been passed down through generations. We started our business as a small green tea company in Japan in 1964. Since then our green tea has been enjoyed by people all over the world. We have continued to expand our high quality green teas globally. With our passion for green tea, we now can provide you with various ways to enjoy green tea, from loose leaf teas, tea bags, powders and beverages.

No.1 Green Tea Brand in JapanOi Ocha

Oi Ocha ITO EN's flagship brand was launched in 1989 following the success of "Canned Sencha" brand that debuted in 1985. The brand name was derived from the Japanese phrase "Oi ocha!" which means "It's tea time!" or "Tea please!" This colloquial phrase is commonly used in Japanese homes. Over the last 30 years, the Oi Ocha brand has been the leading green tea brand in Japan. Today, its taste and flavor expand to other countries.

Oi Ocha

Tea Leaves

Carefully selected tea leaves suitable for "Oi Ocha".

Creating an original aroma and taste as if from a teapot.

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The Technology of "Roasting"

The production method to make better use of tea leaves and draw better taste.

It is said that "taste of tea is decided by fire".

"Fire" is a finishing process to increase the aroma and taste of tea leaves. Roasting is similar to cooking Japanese food. Japanese food tries to draw out the goodness of the ingredients. As with green tea, it also brings out the goodness of tea leaves by roasting and enriching the taste.

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No Fragrance Tasty Natural as It Is

Without using fragrance pursue the original taste of natural green tea.

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ITO En Who Made Tea Drinks

1985 Release

World's first canned green tea

selling canned green tea What made the biggest obstacle in developing the world's first canned green tea was how to prevent oxidation. When trying to pack green tea into cans oxygen left in a small space at the top and catechin contained in green tea react causing brown to become turbid and cause scent and taste to be impaired. This is solved by "TN blow molding method". In addition, research on blending of tea leaves most suitable for green tea beverages and research on how much time it is extracted at what temperature and how long it can produce a delicious tea is also kept patiently and tried these combinations of over 1000 I found the best combination to match cans.

1990 Release

The world's first PET bottled green tea

PET bottled green tea Normally after green tea is brewed ingredients contained in green tea are generated in large quantities as granular floating matter in 2 to 3 days cream down occurs. This is solved by "Natural clear method". Succeeded in bringing out the original taste of green tea clearly.

2000 Release

Green tea with hot plastic bottles

Green tea with hot plastic bottles From the baking of raw material tea leaves to how they are brewed utilize the know-how unique to "ITO EN tea" all for hot use. In addition, we have developed and commercialized PET bottles for hot which block the entry of oxygen.

Global BrandMATCHA GREEN TEATea bags/Matcha Powder

Created exclusively by Japanese tea experts from ITO EN the MATCHA GREEN TEA Collection offers traditional flavors of Matcha (powdered green tea) and Sencha (whole green tea leaves) with unique complementary ingredients such as Jasmine Lemongrass and Peppermint.

All these ingredients are designed to enhance the delicious taste of Japanese tea and it's healthy benefits.


Tea Leaves

We expertly process our own tea leaves to attain an excellent taste and preserve the beautiful green hue of the leaves.

  • Raw tea leaves
  • Crude tea
  • Matcha / Finish tea(leaves)
  • ITO EN tea bag
  • No Added Flavors or Colors

    Enjoy the true green color and purity of the taste of Japanese green tea, with its fragrance-free formula and added colors.

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  • Brewing

    The triangular non-woven tea bag design allows the leaves to expand to ensure clarity of taste and color.

  • Envelope

    To protect the tea from oxygenation, moisture, and ultraviolet light, each tea bag is packaged individually in an innovative shield.


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