Fair Operating Practices

Basic Stance

In the ITO EN Group, all officers and employees comply with domestic and overseas laws, and internal regulations, in order to ensure the legitimacy and appropriateness of corporate management and business operations. We also take the expectations of consumers, investors, business partners and local communities seriously and respond to them sincerely.


To ensure compliance, ITO EN has appointed a corporate officer responsible for corporate ethics, who takes responsibility for the compliance management of the overall company. We stipulated “legal compliance” as our basic management policy, and declared our intention to aim for “the ITO EN Group: a model of corporate compliance.”

Adherence to fair trade

ITO En group strives to ensure a wide range of compliance, including fair transaction with procurement and outsourcing contractors, and fair competition in sales.

Supply chain management

The ITO EN Group has established policies on procurement and quality management, and is working in collaboration with its stakeholders(including outsourced beverage producers) to establish a supply framework that pays due care and consideration to both environmental and social aspects. Our procurement policy sets guidelines for the pursuit of quality, safety and peace of mind, fairness inprocurement,andconsiderationforhumanrights, labor and the environment.

Our quality management policy dictates rules for the provision of safe and reliable products, compliance with applicable laws and ordinances, and for ensuring safety of products utilizing international standards.
On the quality management front, ITO EN has built a Quality Management System with ISO9001 international standard certification(obtainedin2002), with our Shizuoka Sagara Factory obtaining FSSC22000 certification in November2013.
Our products are only manufactured in factories that satisfy ITO EN quality management standards, and we thoroughly ensure safety and security in the manufacture of our products by holding regular quality as surance meetings.

In our logistics operations, too, we have constructed an effective supply chain management system in collaboration with our outsourcing partner companies; working to thoroughly ensure safety and security by conducting regular assessments and audits of our outsourcing partners (with respect to checklist items stipulated by ITO EN regarding are as such as transportation and storage ) and holding regular meetings to share essential information.

ITO EN Group Procurement Policy

Procurement of raw materials, etc. (raw materials, packaging materials, and products) in the ITO EN Group is based on "customer first principle", aiming to realize a sustainable society and the environment and to provide customers with "safe" and "secure" We aim to maximize the goal of "receiving trust" from everyone in the value chain that has contacts with the Group.

In order to achieve that goal, we will procure procurement activities based on the following six items.

1. Pursuit of "quality", "safety" and "security"

We will provide products that satisfy our customers through procurement activities such as "safe" and "safe" raw materials by complying with "ITO EN GROUP QUALITY MANAGEMENT POLICIES", enriching traceability information and conducting factory audits.

2. Thorough compliance

We will conduct procurement activities of raw materials etc. that thoroughly comply with, in accordance with the "Code of Conduct" and "Code of Conduct" of "ITO EN Group Compliance".

3. Fair procurement

We will carry out fair procurement activities according to the "ITO EN Group CSR Charter". In addition to quality, price and supply system, we also comprehensively evaluate our approach to CSR and select suppliers such as raw materials.

4. Consideration for human rights and labor

In addition to respecting basic human rights, we will promote procurement activities on raw materials and other items that take into consideration labor and safety and health.

5. Environmental considerations

We will promote procurement activities on raw materials and other materials that considers biodiversity and the global environment through effective utilization of resources and promotion of low carbon emissions.

6. Thorough information management

Confidential information and personal information concerning procurement transactions of raw materials etc. are thoroughly managed.

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