Disclosure Policy

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Basic Stance of Information Disclosure

ITO EN has disclosed information in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and Timely Disclosure Rules of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In addition, we will strive to perform proactive information disclosure from the viewpoint of fairness and swiftness, and for us to be understood.

Information Disclosure Method

Important information to which the Timely Disclosure Rules are applicable as provided in Tokyo Stock Exchange shall be registered in TDnet, indicated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange in accordance with the relevant Rules. We will strive to provide the same information to the press after registration, as well as posting the same materials on the website of ITO EN.

Handling of Performance Forecasts and Applicable Materials

In the disclosure materials, current plans, forecasts and strategies, etc. are based on judgment of the manager of ITO EN in the light of currently available information. Accordingly, ITO EN’s actual performance results may greatly differ from those projected in these materials due to various important factors, and therefore please refrain from total reliance on these. In addition, disclosure materials are only for deeper understanding of ITO EN, and not necessarily for the purpose of recommending investment.

Quiet Period

In order to prevent leaks of financial results information and ensure fairness, a certain period from the closing date of accounts settlement to the day of announcement of financial results for the interim term and the full term accounts settlement, and a certain period before the financial results announcement for the quarterly accounts settlement are set as quiet periods, and during these periods, we will refrain from making any comments on performance results or any inquiry, nor will we hold individual meetings or company briefings and we request understanding. However, even during the quiet period, if timely disclosure is applicable to the occurred event, we announce this in accordance with the Timely Disclosure Rules.
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