Basic Stance

The ITO EN Group has built a sound management structure based on the principle of "Always Putting the Customer First," to ensure the transparency, soundness and legal compliance of management, and promptly and appropriately discloses information.

Corporate Governance

Under the management principle of “Always Putting the Customer First,” ITO EN provides in the ITO EN Group Founding Charter that“ the ITO EN Group has developed the basics for management to continually grow and develop as an enterprise and enhance corporate value: cooperate with its stakeholders, including the government, local communities, consumers, shareholders, retailers, suppliers, and financial institutions, and fulfill its corporate social responsibility (CSR).”

The management principle above is the basic concept of ITO EN’s corporate ethics and the foundation that supports our corporate governance. Based on this principle, every officer and employee of ITO EN is active in promoting concerted efforts to achieve a sustainable society in line with the interests of all stakeholders, and strives to repay their trust.

In addition, to conduct appropriate corporate governance, a Board of Corporate Auditors system has been adopted and our corporate auditors check and audit business conditions, the decision-making process, and other matters regarding the respective representative directors, the directors in charge, and the employees of ITO EN Group companies. Internal and outside corporate auditors attend every meeting of the Board of Directors, offering fair and impartial advice and audit opinions on overall corporate affairs and each item of business, and audit business execution by the directors in accordance with the audit policy stipulated by Audit & Supervisory Board.

Outline of the System of Corporate Governance

Outline of the System of Corporate Governance

Risk Management

The ITO EN Group has approached risk management by establishing a department in charge of risks, formulating regulations and guidelines, and building a cross-organizational risk management system to deal with risks accurately and appropriately.

The Group is managing risks by developing a system for dealing accurately with risks from the standpoints of (1) compliance, (2) information security, (3) quality and the environment, (4) property preservation and (5) disaster and accident. ITO EN has also put in place the Compliance Committee, the Safety and Health Committee and the Disaster Prevention Committee, etc.


To ensure compliance, ITO EN has appointed a corporate officer responsible for corporate ethics, who takes responsibility for the compliance management of the overall company. We stipulated “legal compliance” as our basic management policy, and declared our intention to aim for “the ITO EN Group: a model of corporate compliance.”

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