Labor Practices

Basic Stance

Since its foundation, the ITO EN Group has been following a merit-based policy, under which our employees improve their individual abilities and skills through friendly competition based on the spirit of true harmony. We have also been striving to create an environment that motivates each employee to work. We will continue to promote measures for improving the workplace environment, motivating employees to work, and improving their capabilities, aiming for decent work.

Personnel affairs and welfare program

The ITO EN Group believes that productive life of employees leads to the improvement of their work productivity at the company. We are promoting work-life balance and striving to improve the environment and enhance various programs, aiming to create a workplace that is comfortable for anyone.

Health and safety of employees

ITO EN provides health and safety training in addition to job class-specific training for managers. We thoroughly inform all employees of the training through members of the Health/Hygiene Committee and the Committee for Promoting the Improvement of the Workplace Environment, who are elected by the representatives of the respective departments.

Human resources development

Based on the idea that the most important asset is people, the ITO EN Group focuses its efforts on human resources development. Believing that self-improvement is fundamental to training, we have established a variety of self-improvement systems for helping employees motivate themselves. We promote human resources development concurrently with training programs, including ones for employees with specific qualifications, ones specific to job classes, ones specific to service years, and ones specific to job types.

The Tea Taster System image

The Tea Taster System
The ITO EN Tea Taster Certification Approved by MHLW

This in-house certification system has been in operation since 1994 to provide ITO EN employees with in-depth knowledge of tea and equip them to conduct tea awareness-raising activities inside and outside the company. Applicants take the exam once a year, and successful candidates are decided by a strict examination. The examination comprises a paper test, tea tasting, and an oral component, and tests a broad range of skills and knowledge, from tea culture to the preparation of delicious tea.


The ITO EN Group is working to create a workplace environment where diverse people can work comfortably and feel motivated.

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